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Access, Clearing & Ground Survey

Foundations & Anchors


Access, Clearing & Ground Survey

Tree and brush clearing may occur within the full easement width. Trees will be cut at ground level and stacked next to the right-of-way, while brush will be mowed or chipped and spread evenly throughout the right-of-way. A soil boring, or geotechnical investigation, will also occur at each structure site.

Foundations & Anchors

Helical pile screws and concrete foundations may be used depending on the terrain and other engineering considerations. Helical piles and anchors are screwed into the ground using specialized drilling equipment.

Structure Assembly & Setting

Structures will either be guyed (anchored) or un-guyed and will be installed by conventional ground methods or by aerial equipment (helicopters). There are generally two types of guyed and three types of un-guyed structures.

Wire Stringing

Overhead ground wires and conductor lead lines are pulled through the structures via helicopter. Wire stringing sites will be staged along the ROW approximately every few miles. The final process of construction is reclamation and restoration of all disturbed areas.